Thursday, November 8, 2012


End of the Week Review:
This week has been such an experience for me. We did an urban entry week in Kansas City. There were so many things that I enjoyed and there were also a few things I was not so crazy about. We left Monday morning and stayed until Thursday afternoon. The Link Year volunteered at the Hope Center, a place that helps the poor, and also schools Kindergarten- Third grade. I loved getting to help clean and see the downtown area of KC. It has so much beauty and character, but has been rundown like a lot of our inner cities have. I’m so thankful I get to finish out my Link Year experience with my brother Caleb and see what the Lord is going to do in his life this year. The main thing I learned from this week is, not everyone has had the same life experiences as I have had. Thankfully, I have been raised by the most amazing parents and I promise no one will ever top them, but not a lot of people here have been exposed to the inner city life. My parents raised me to help whoever was in need, no matter the social or economical status. They taught me to love whoever was in front, behind, or beside me. Give to whoever needed me. I had to realize that I had to teach some people these things, because they never had the opportunity to be exposed to these things. As a lot of people know, my family has taken in 3 inner city kids and I never realized the lesson they taught me until I got here. I have always been super thankful for them, but never knew the impact they would have on my life. I am blessed to have such an awesome family and I guess this is the season to be thankful! 

Below are my crazy little ones: Aaron, Amir, and Alexis :)

I’m sorry this blog is super short and without a lot of detail. Promise another update before next week! Thank you all for reading! There will be 2 posts next week so get super pumped!